Sustainable practices should be an important conversation during the development of any creative idea. As artists, designers, or simply citizens of this world, our mark is impactful today and for the generations behind us.

In an academic exercise, Nicole Binuya, Lisa Keith, and I developed a sustainable tea product to express our relationship to sustainable products. The tea is prepared and consumed like most teas, but we decided our tea product should have more value after consumption by making the tea and its packaging suitable for compost and be reused in a home garden. The following is a summary of our brand development.

Collateral: nativtea Brand Guidelines


Product Development & Branding

Discovery Phase

Our discovery phase started by researching company structures from competitors. We also took a close look at competitor’s type treatments, color palettes, and brand architecture. With enough information, our team collaboration strategized a stern outlook towards a company structure. It was a crucial first step before developing the visual brand.

 Early digital sketch concept.

Early digital sketch concept.


Patent Experience

We were in love with our concept, that we quickly acquired a domain and social media links under the nativtea brand name. The brand identity has since been sold, excluding product concept or company structure. 

nativtea_brand identity_Page_03.png
Artboard 7.png


Because of the project energy, I continued my packaging production practice isolated from my initial team. Recycled material was used for the tea envelopes. Bamboo material was used for aesthetics and utility of the product. A tea compartment, tea glass, and custom illustrated coasters were lasercut for an authentic and unique experience.