Sustainable practices should be a standard conversation during the development of any creative idea. As artists, designers, or simply citizens of this world, our footprint is impacts the future of generations to come.

In an academic exercise, designers Nicole Binuya, Lisa Keith, and Ángel were tasked to create an innovative product with a branded identity. nativtea is the story of brand development through a conceptual innovation.

The Innovation Concept: Flavored fruit teas made from biodegradable material. The product is for drinking consumption but is also intended for gardening after each use of tea bag.

Collateral: nativtea Brand Guidelines


Product Development & Branding

Discovery Phase

Our discovery phase began with researching the competitive market particularly at their brand assets such as type treatments, color palettes, products, and brand architecture. With enough information, our team collaboration strategized a stern outlook towards a company foundation. It was a crucial first step in developing the brand and concept.

Sample of an early digital sketch.

Sample of an early digital sketch.


Patent Experience

Between the three of the designers, the concept was energizing and fun that the team quickly acquired a domain and social media links under the nativtea brand name. The brand identity has since been sold, excluding product concept or company structure. 

nativtea_brand identity_Page_03.png
Artboard 7.png


Because of the project energy, Ángel continued the packaging production practice isolated from the initial team. Recycled material was used for the tea envelopes. Bamboo material was used for aesthetics and utility of the product. A tea compartment, tea glass, and custom illustrated coasters were lasercut for authentic and unique user experiences.