Video: Mask Unmasked


Javiera Arenas, Amanda Astorga, & Erica Kermani

A speculative design video narrating how might artificial intelligence combat the potential threats of Transhumanism.

speculating Transhumanism

Enhancing human intellect with technology has become reality. An expensive, ethically-complex, and biologically-dangerous computer-brain integration–or neurolace.

Narrative strategy: Youth Empowerment

Youth hack their assigned masks to provide cyber safety, privacy, educational access, and augmented reality without the advertisements and invasiveness.


Process: Myths & Philosophy

Once we established comprehension, we needed to establish a grounding in our design approach. Therefore, through critical research and invested interests, we were able to develop a new pedagogical model centered around humanity.

Our collaborative effort began with an understanding of myths about artificial intelligence (Ai). What could and could not be done. We then moved forward with philosophical understanding that can impact the future of (Ai).

Angel Lopez_Portfolio 10.png

Development of Concept

Our creative journey to our final concept consisted of sketching, prototyping, role playing, creative writing, storyboarding, narrative design, filming and video editing.


Ai Masks

Amanda_face painted_exp1.jpg
mask student 2.jpg
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