If you made it this far in my portfolio, welcome and thank you for visiting my site. I am utterly excited to share my work and my interests in hopes for new opportunities. My art and design journey started with an abundance of #adulting mistakes. It took 13 years before obtaining my BFA Communication Design degree and an MFA Transdisciplinary Design. The first half of the experience was resisting the art and design as part of my natural DNA, but once I embraced them, I viewed the world completely differently and have found empowerment and agency in what I do. I use art and design mediums to approach large-scale problems to facilitate processes for actionable solutions. 

My interests are in the social impact of human welfare, civil rights, and the marginalization of people. The main objective of my work is to design for liberation through community collaboration, strategies, and tactics. Interventions, where my work has existed, is in natural disasters, social justice, gentrification, and immigration policy to name a few. Common buzzwords to describe my work is user experience, experiential design, service design, design lead, design research, system design, and product design.

In the past I have worked with the National Park Service as a Visual Information Specialist where I impacted over 125 park units through brand strategy, visual storytelling, and public outreach. Most recently I have become an educator using my creative strengths to deploy art and design medium approaches for social change. My work has impacted students from 4th grade to undergraduates as a teaching artist and part-time faculty. 

My teaching has helped inform my facilitation skills for collaborative problem-solving. Aspects of my work bring fluidity across disciplines, collaborative methods, and creative enthusiasm. Most importantly, I co-create with communities at the forefront of the issue and in spaces where not just one discipline can tackle alone.

My process creates a genuine transformative outcome through artifacts, distribution of knowledge, publication of knowledge, community agency, replication of models, or storytelling. The design of my work is to activate social change.

  Framework  of Artivism Practice

Framework of Artivism Practice