Artificial Intelligence design proposal to advocate for Undocumented Immigrant people.

NOTE: My working knowledge towards technologies and design has given me the agency to help narrow the gap between marginalized communities and emerging technologies. Special thanks to Jazmin Chavez, an inspiring activist/creative/mentor and friend. The project was inspired by her. I utilized her concept to explore new opportunities and possibilities.

Early Design Inspiration
Avoid creating another app or wearable by hacking current accessories. Employ design strategies that adhere to privacy. Develop visual language to introduce product or service for language access.

Relative Ecosystems
Notifica — Phone application with panic alert
Universal Translator — Translates speech in realtime


Community Dialogue

  • What are the ethics of audio recording law enforcement?
  • How can we, designers or non designers, develop technology with out surveillance?
  • Who owns sound?
  • What are the ethics of sound?
  • What opportunities can be created between existing coalitions and youth to support undocumented people?

Potential Next Steps
Develop a brochure with various languages. Submit brochure as a design proposal to existing coalitions to begin community dialogue.Update design proposal based on community feedback.