Artist Statement

The foundation of my work is influenced by a number of historical artists and designers, but it only comes second to the strong influence from my family and culture. My work is a growing documentation of my craft through art and design.

I value the need to break stereotypes and social norms, especially in Latino culture. I am continuously seeking opportunities to pay homage to the women in my family through living art forms such as fabric and food. The integrity of the hand and sense of touch are also very special values to me. I make it a point to include it in my design aesthetic. Sustainable practices are ever challenging to understand, but are crucial for me to incorporate in my creative work and my human citizenship. I also value research as an important component to my creative process to be able to produce culturally conscious work.

My vision is to lead a life that empowers and inspires communities. In particular youth as they are the key to our features. I am dedicated to continuously learning from people and continuing the rich traditions of my culture through art and design. My identity mark is reflective of that narrative.